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Testimonials: "Dr. Lavi's 's ideas stayed with me all these years and helped me... through an even more frightening time of horrific cancer treatments. I would not be who I am today without her help and guidance." -L. D., Client "I feel better than I have in years! ...consider your profession well chosen and your job well done. You changed my life!" -J.C.P., Client " I still pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming." -Jody, based on a client's story included in the book.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: Can Mothers Bring Peace to the Middle East?

Thought for the Day: The war in the Middle East rages on and with each day the tragic loss of life increases. Pacifism and optimism don't seem to coexist in that area of the world. I am saddened by the senseless loss of life on both sides. I wish I had the answers that would end the conflict. The quote from above was first spoken in 1957 by Golda Meir, (1898 -1978), the 4th prime Minister of the State of Israel and the 3rd woman in the world to become a prime minister of any nation. She was a mother and grandmother who lead Israel into war with a heavy heart. Sadly. peace still eludes the region. Only two pieces of news this week gave me hope. 
     The 1st was an unprecedented announcement that the IDF, the Israeli Defense Force, opened a field hospital close to the border with Gaza, to offer treatment to Palestinian civilian casualties. In addition, they will be offering EMS services to women, children and the elderly needing medical treatment. Injuries requiring additional care will be transferred to Israeli hospitals.I commend their progressive attempts to let the civilian population know that they do not wish to harm them. Their issues are with Hamas.
     I believe that if the world ever learns to live in peace, it will be due to the efforts of mothers who will find creative ways to coexist for their children and their children's children's sake. I found the 2nd bit of news that gave a tiny ray of hope on Facebook. I added some images and share them as the 2nd words of wisdom for today. It is a prayer co-written by two mothers, Sheikha Ibtisam Mahameed, a Palestinian, and Rabba Elad-Appelbaum, an Israeli. I hope that their prayers will be answered...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday's Psychology Tips: How To Get Rid of an Anxiety Disorder

Thought for the Day: Today is Tuesday. Which means it is time for Tuesday's Psychology Tips. A few days ago a question appear on HealthTap which brings the tip for today. The question was: How to get rid of an anxiety disorder without a therapist? Surely there  are many ways to reduce anxiety, but my reply was to ask, "Why wouldn't you consider psychotherapy?" Here's my answer with a bit more detail than I posted on HealthTap...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Motivational Monday: An Inspiring Video: Never Give Up

Thought for the Day: Today has been one of those frustrating Mondays. Last night I started a virus scan on my computer. It was not finished this morning and finally was completed this evening. Needless to say, all work on the computer was slow and tedious. The day was filled with clinical sessions with clients and a radio interview on the LA Bachelor Pad Talk Radio Show. The interview was on the violence in the sports world and why it is happening more and more lately. When it is posted on their site, I will post a link. At any rate, I just got to writing today's post. Earlier today I saw a very inspiring video on Facebook and decided to share it here today. It shows how a war veteran refused to accept his doctor's prognosis following his injuries in combat. Whenever, I hear stories like this one, I am even more motivated to work on all of my dreams. I hope it impacts on you the same way. Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your stories of beating the odds as well. It could help motivate others...

Friday, July 18, 2014

#FF Wonderful Weekend Review: Mental Health, Parenting, Alzheimers, Songs4TheSoul, & Sunday's Comics

Click here to view the Magazine: 

Thought for the Day; Another week has seemed to fly by and it's time for my #FF Fabulous Finds for your weekend pleasure. It includes an eclectic mix of inspirational articles and a video about Psychology, Parenting, Fitness, Depression, How the Internet is changing medical research and saving lives interspersed with inspirational quotes. For Saturday's Songs for the Soul, there are two music videos (one from Lightnin' Hopkins, one of my all time favorites, Trouble in Mind, and a movie preview for Unbroken. Finally, there's Sunday's Comics. Don't miss the Tae Kwondo video.

Wednesday, I saw B.B. King live in Stamford CT. My iphone is overloaded with photos, so I was only able to shoot a very short clip from the performance. I'm sharing it since it was wonderful to see a jazz icon still performing at 89 years young. Thanks for all the years of amazing music!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday's Psychology Trivia: T or F Free Birth Control Is Linked To Promiscuity

Thought for the Day: It is Thursday and time for a Psychology Trivia question. As always, most of the answers to these questions are far from trivial. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to hear 89 year old B.B. King live at the Jazz Up July 2014 Series in Stamford CT. It was a pleasure to hear a jazz icon outdoors on a beautiful summer night. I hope you are enjoying the summer! Here's today's trivia question on what has been a controversial subject, free birth control for girls and women.

Trivia Question:

     True or False: Free birth control is linked to promiscuity

Read on to see the answer... 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: Life Doesn't Come With Blueprints

Thought for the Day: I have been working on redesigning my website for my clinical practice and really could use your help today. In the process of working on the redesign, I came up with an interesting logo. The logo design lead me to today's words of wisdom which will be included in the new logo. I'd love to know what you think of both the logo and the quote.
     For many years, I have used the name of the therapeutic approach that I have developed, ACT Now Psychotherapy, as the name of my private practice. The tagline: Active, Creative, Time-sensitive is based on the A.C.T. in the title and explains how my therapeutic approach works. The logo above triggered my imagination and led to a different tag line. Here's what happened...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday's Psychology Tips: Ask Dr. B: How Can I Stop My Kids From Bickering?

Thought for the Day: On Tuesday's I have been posting psychology tips that usually tend to be short posts, today's will be a bit longer. Today, I received an e-mail from Shannon Philpott, Founder, The Single Mom's Playbook. She had some new questions for me to respond to from their "Ask the Expert" section. She told me that "reader questions are pouring in" lately and apologized for not notifying me when my posts were published in June. I decided to repost one of two questions I answered last June. It is longer than my usual tips, but I believe it could be helpful to single moms as well as to all parents. Here's the question:

question-mark1Dear Dr. B,        
As a single mom, I find myself frustrated easily when I get home from work and my children – 10 and 12 – fight me on every little thing. From homework to chores, the battles are endless. I’m trying to stay consistent with discipline, but it is so hard doing it alone. Do you have any suggestions?